F2A-2 Brewster Buffalo in 1/48 scale

Vintage kit from the early 70s

This Tamiya F2A-2 Brewster Buffalo kit dates back to early 70s and it were re-issued in the early 90s with decals for 2 yellow wing US NAVY versions with markings for Lexington and Saratoga.

I started the kit about 8 years ago. I rediscovered the box a few weeks ago and decided to finish the plane in the colors in overall Non-Specular Light Gull Gray for a USS Saratoga, VF-3 version.

I sawed the cockpit canopy in three parts. This time the middle part came from Squadron instead of a selfmade one.



The instrument panel is from Eduard, seatbelts too. The decals are sourced from Techmod and Yellow Wings. The acrylic paint is from AK „Light Gull Gray“, silver parts a painted with Alclad Chrome Silver.Like allways I staged my model in my cardboard carrier szenario with figures from Tamiya and Tori Factory.

Vintage kit, but very good fit of all parts and nicely detailed

Andreas Fey

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