Hello and welcome to my website

This page is dedicated to 1/72 scale plastic modeling. I mainly build WWII fighters from the German Luftwaffe (WWII), but I am also interested in US NAVY and Royal Airforce planes. I will present my work at regular intervals and show some tips & tricks from my workbench. Feel free to ask me any questions about my models and have fun to look around on my website.

Current Projects


There is an unmanageable number of tools, colors and other things that can help us to build a great model. I want to show that you can also work with inexpensive alternatives.
Dioramas and figures
I prefer to put my models in a scenario or “natural” environment. I like to photographing my models as true to the original as possible. All shown dioramas are temporary just to make nice pictures of the models.

Progress of currently running projects

Academy USN SBD-5 ``Battle of the Philippine Sea`` 1/48


Eduard Spitfire MKI 1/48