Airfix-Vought-OS2U-1-Kingfisher an oldie from the 60s

Vought OS2U-1 Kingfisher USS ARIZONA in 1/72 with pacific water from AK Interactive

Hello, this is my new rollout of an Airfix model from US NAVY. This time I wanted to try out the presentation of a float plane on pacific water. The kit itself is an very old one from the 1960s by Airfix. It was reissued a few years ago in new packaging and with new decals. This is a low budget kit and I didn’t buy any aftermarket parts. All tiny details are from the spares box (except for the barrel of the M2 Browning machine gun, which comes from CMK). I scratch build the area of ​​the canopy over the pilot’s seat, since the original part is not intended to be arranged in the open position.

The fit of the kits parts are not to bad and I have no problems during the build, but I recommend to shorten the inner struts for the outer flots, because the are a little bit to long. The decals are very good and the color profile is correct as far as I could say.


I have used AK products for the paint job and the diorama water
(I am not sponsored by AK)

# RC256 Blue Grey
# RC220 Light Gull Grey
# RC262 US int. Yellow Green
# AK10043 wheathering pencils “grey & blue”
# AK8004 AK Water Gel “pacific blue”

The water base is made from 6 mm foam (I recommend to use 10mm or more) covered with paper and then painted with acrylics and a big layer of water gel. I have added a few white spots with acrylic paint to simulate foam.
Next time I will add more water effects on the plane itself. Cause this is the first time I simulate water, I didn’t dare.
I have used a hair dryer to generate the wind for the rotating propeller.

I know that one can get a more excact representation of the Kingfisher esp. in larger scales, but this little kit was a low cost project with a lot of fun to build.

An oldie from the 60s, but still fun to build

Andreas Fey

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