F6F-3 Grumman Hellcat from Eduard in 1/72 scale

F6F-3 Grumman Hellcat “Weekend Edition” from Eduard

Hello, this was my very first US NAVY rollout (from Sept. 2019). I have build the 1/72 scale Eduard Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat flown by LTJG Arthur Singer, VF-15, USS Essex, Oktober 24-25, 1944.

This kit is the “weekend edition” from Eduards very nice little Hellcat. I added some spare parts for the droptank belts, and the specs plate on the Pratt & Whitney, thats all. I realy like the AK Real Colors series, so I ordered the paint set number 25 “WW2 US NAVY & USMC AIRCRAFT LATE COLORS”. You can easily grind and polish theese colors and they dry very fast. I recommend to use the AK Real colors thinner, cause alcohol an/or water does not worked for me.


As you know, I like my models presented in a kind of diorama. I added some figures from Preiser to the scene (they are originally Luftwaffe mechanics). The “propeller motion” is hand driven, see photo…) There is no pilot in the cockpit, I know : )

I have uses AK-Real Colors as shown in the picture.

Very affordable and highly recommended kit. High level of detail!

Andreas Fey