Eduard/Special-Hobby “Adlerangriff” Bf-109 E-1 1/72

This kit catched my attention, because of its very nice details. Eduard reboxed a Special-Hobby kit and in addition they filled up the box with resin wheels a pilot figure, photo-etched part, masks and a newish decal type where you can peel of the carrier film.

I have build many Bf 109-E kits in this scale from different manufactures, but this kit is the most detailed one I have ever seen so far. But on the other hand, it is the most demanding.
The opened cockpit canopy is scratch build as the one from the kit seems too thick for this representation.
the accuracy of fit is very good, but you also have to work very precisely and do a lot of fitting tests. That doesn’t make this kit a perfekt match for beginner’s. The decals were also new to me. The carrier film can be peeled off after a drying time of a few hours. However, you have to be very careful, the result speaks for itself.
I have used AK-real colors and some other products like panelliner. I also used the new AK 3rd generation acrylics set “Luftwaffe early war colors” for detailing and chipping effects.


Eduard Bf-109 E Adlerangriff dual combo kit in 1/72 (reboxed Special-Hobby kit)

Additional Decals
Kagero # 97006 JG 26 “Schlageter”

Photo Etched Parts
out of the box

Pilot in front of plane: out of the box

AK-Real-Colors RLM 70, 71, 65, 02
AK 3G Special-Set “Early Luftwaffe Colors”

The pilot figure (standing in front of the plane on some pictures) are also part of the kit. The figure seemes to be a little to tall in my opinion, but I like it. The provided resin wheels are very nice also.
For the painting I have used a drawing by Kagero # 97006 JG 26 “Schlageter” and also the decals from this booklet, as these seem more realistic. The plane represents the „black 5 from 2. / JG 25, flown by Hans Krug, Chievres airfield, France, early June 1940.
Summary: This is a really great kit at a fair price. you can also buy the special hobby variant, because the photo-etched parts (included in the Eduard box only) are mainly needed for the cockpit. It’s also great that Eduard gives you the choice between the E-1, E-3 and E-4 variants and it is a dual combo kit.

The best Bf-109 E kit I have seen so far in this scale.
Recomended for experienced modelers.

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