TBD-1 DEVASTATOR from Airfix in 1/72 scale, vintage kit

TBD-1 DEVASTATOR from Airfix in 1/72 scale

I represent a plane of VT-8 from USS HORNET. Note: The overpainted “8 –“ on the fuselage is intentionally.

The special thing about the kit: This time I took apart an old, already built kit from Airfix, to build it a second time. I did this because I am an Airfix fan and this old kit is hard to find or very expensive. I decided to make an experiment just to see if I can do a job better than the first try.

I carefully disassembled the kit and put it in oven cleaner. After about 2 hours I was able to carefully wash off the old paint with a dish brush. Since the old kit is over 50 years old, it has typical features of that time: rows of rivets that are much too large, a rudimentary cockpit and canopy parts that are too thick.

Airfix TBD1 Boxart

I decided to leave most of this vintage kit parts as it is, except the canopy. I heated transparent plastic film over a candle flame and pulled it over the old canopy, but unfortunately I did not managed to make this in one piece.
I pimped the cockpit with some scratch build parts to bring a little more life in it (ie. the fire extinguisher).

To make it clear, there are many kits out there who will represent the TBD-1 way better than this old piece of plastic, but I have a heart for vintage kits like this one, esp. Airfix kits.

I have use AK-Real Colors (I am not sponsored by AK):
# RC256 Blue Grey
# RC220 Light Gull Grey
# RC262 US int. Yellow Green

I am very satisfied with those colors, but the Blue Grey appears a little to bright in my opinion.

Vintage kit with over accented panel lines and bad canopy, but you can still make a nice model out of it!

Andreas Fey