Make your own canopy from blister packages

Sometimes it can be worthwhile to make transparent parts yourself, as they are much thinner and thus allow a distortion-free view into the interior of the cockpit. But be warned, practice with an old canopy, because this method can cause damage on your canopy.
Safety advice: do not use candles near paints or solvents!

1.) Practice with different plastic sheets from packages
Heat the plastic sheets evenly over a candle flame and drag it over an old canopy, just to see how it works.
This is important because your original canopy can be used only 3 or 4 times as a template before it may damaged!

2.) In many cases, the transparent parts of the kit can be used as a mold for the parts to be manufactured.
Deburr the original parts well and make a fitting test. Place the original part on a rounded piece of wood or plastic, so that it does not slip, you can put plasticine in between.

3.) Use sharp scissors and/or blades to cut out the new canopy.
Put the original clear-part inside your selfmade canopy to see what needs to be cut away
I use a CD-Marker to draw the outline. Then carefully cut out your new canopy. Do not cut to close to the outline, make tests and get closer to the required shape.