Build an aircraftcarrier island from cardboard

For a long time I was looking for a way to photograph my US NAVY aircraft on an aircraft carrier deck in 1/72. Building a complete aircraft carrier would not be an option, but how about a small section? I thought it shouldn’t be that difficult.

1.) First of all, I recommend to think about which planes you want to build next and on which carrier they have served, because then everything fits together perfectly.
I first collected a lot of photos of aircraft carrier islands using Google image search. Then I thought about the proportions so that everything fits the scale. The dimensions can be determined using doors, as this can easily be transferred to other lengths.

See my basic layout for the main structure of the island.
USN Carrier Island WWII 1-72 download

It is just the main structure, but you can see how it works, I am considering to bring out a complete paper template for printing in the near future

2.) I used gray cardboard that was coated white on one side and painted with acrylic paint.
For this I used a wide bristle brush and painted the entire surface of the cardboard with matt acrylic paint (from tube) in gray.

Please do not use too much water. It is best to use at least 2 A4 sheets to have enough material available. I previously mixed the gray according to references from aircraft carrier kits. You can often find these painting instructions on the Internet from kit reviews (you do not necessarily have to buy them). After painting, let the cardboard dry a little and press it between books so that it becomes smooth and plain again.

3.) Next I drew and cut out the basic shape. I sketched the layout on the computer to find out what the layout should look like before I cut it out of my painted cardboard. Then I printed it out on simple printer paper, cut it out and transferred the shape to my previously painted cardboard.
Since the whole thing is only supposed to serve as a photo background, I only built half the shape of the superstructure, just like the backdrops in the theater or in filmproductions. The portholes were punched with a punch. I used paper glue and rubber glue for gluing. After assembly, I added small doors, trusses and borders. In the end I painted the white paper edges again with paint and then aged everything with my airbrush.

Hope this will inspire you to make your own backdrop, give it a try!